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Missouri8Ball.com St. Louis Missouri League
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Places To Play in the St. Louis Area

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  1. Be good at Billiards - Rules and technical information. 7/25/04

  2. Easy Pocket Billiard Lessons for free. Updated 3/28/04

Billiard Pages

Aces Pool & Billiards - Posters, Cues, Tables, Lights & Supplies. Updated 8/23/05

Billiardbook.com - The best billiard literature - 6/21/06

Software to manage your Billiard Center. 6/21/06

Jerry Terbrock Custom Cues


Tournaments And Leagues

Missouri 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Dart League Saint Louis, MO 8 Ball, 9 Ball and darts. - 7/14/1992

Places to Play in the St. Louis Area


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Allison Fisher
Ewa Mataya Laurance

Women's Professional Billiard Association



Billiards Digest Magazine

Billiard World Web Magazine
InsidePOOL Magazine

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8 Ball.org
A-1 Discount Pool Cues  FL

American PoolPlayers Association

APA Home Page
Billiard Congress of America


Cues n Views UK

Cuemasters Links

Barringer Custom Handcrafted Cues

Barry Cameron Custom Cues

Billiard Atlas on Systems and Techniques

Billiard Zone

Billiard Restoration KS

Billiards Wholesale Billiard Cues & Accessories

Canadian Billiards Management

Cue + Case Man: Snooker Cues and Cue Cases UK

CueSight Technologies - Charlotte, NC

Dennis Jaburek's Pool & Billiard Tables Chicago IL

Eastern Billiards FL
Hawaiian Brian's Billiards [Ok 1/13]
Marschak's Antique Pool Tables
MN Billiards Minnesota

Monk Pool Tips

Online Billiard Games by FlyOrDie

Play Your Best Pool


Pool Rules - Official BCA Rules

Snooker USA

Snooker Club


Pool Tables UK Supplier

Predator Pool Cues - 5/20/04

UK 8 Ball Online Community

Viattorre Custom Cues

Woodworth Cues TX


Commercial Pages
Alpha Billiards - pooltabletechs.com New and used billiards in the Chicago area. - 10/18/2010
Billiard-Cue-Site.com - Billiards and pool cues. 10/24/05

Budget Billiards Offering pool cues, cue cases and more at 20% off. 2/27/05

CueSport College International - Oldest Professional Pool School in the World. 11/18/04

ePoolcues.com - Online Source for Pool Cues and Billiard Supplies - 9/20/04

Jim Buss Custom Cues Overland, MO

Lakeside Billiard Supply - Louisiana 8/23/04

Oran Green's Pool and Snooker Links - Springfield, MO 7/5//04
Pool tables - Kingswood Leisure, UK Reconditioned Pool tables - 11/7/05

PoolTees.com - Your Home For The Quirkiest In Pool Hall Attire. Updated 7/25/05

QXtender.com - Pool Cue Extension and Cases
Snooker Billiards Pool - Pool Tables Snooker Tables and Cues. 1/31/06

T-Shirts, Posters, Pool Cues & Supplies, Sports Apparel, Books, DVDs and CDs @ Ace's Web World.


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Cue's for snooker-pool-carambole - All new from euro 39 Netherlands. 9/23/05

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